Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Books Published By The Ibbetson Street Press

1- Your book will be Print-On-Demand. You will receive a 33% royalty for each book ordered online. Please provide your social security number and a mailing address for your checks to be sent to.

2- You may order books wholesale. A bill will be sent to you and you should promptly send your check to Doug Holder 25 School St. Somerville, Mass. 02143. Should you want more than 30, you will be charged a $1 surcharge for each additional book. This fee helps keep the press solvent.

3- If you want distribution, ISBN, etc… that will require a $100 fee. Again, please make a check out to: Doug Holder 25 School St. Somerville, Mass. 02143. This fee is required by our printer.

4- At a later date if you wish to publish other editions under another imprint this must be arranged with us.

5- If you decide to make changes after a book has been uploaded this will require a fee as stipulated by our printer.

I agree to these terms:

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